AVAILABILITY: In stock (89 items) VENDOR: Zhengshantang. The buds are subsequently fully oxidised and then roasted to yield a tea that has a sweet, fruity and flowery flavour with a long lasting sweet after-taste. These are the list of the black tea created and produced in Tong Mu Guan of Wuyi. | 26 October 2020. 98 (£63.98/Item) £2.96 delivery Our Jin Jun Mei producer is the inventor of Jin Jun Mei, whose ancestors invented Lapsang Souchong hundreds years ago. The story of Jin Jun Mei began with an interesting talk between Mr. Jiang Yuan Xun and two tea businessmen from Beijing. Net weight: 50 Gram / 100 Gram - 1.76 Ounce / 3.53 Ounce Type:1 Bud with 2 leaves Black Tea What is the Aroma? There are many fakes and low quality versions of this tea. Yin Junmei. Flower Tea. What is the taste? Clear orange color infusion. It can be brewed many times and its fragrance can last at least 5-7 times of brewing. What Makes Jin Jun Mei unique? Yuan Zheng Series. For the July 2020 White2tea Club we have an exclusive pressed white tea, and samples of 2020 Demon Slayer sheng puer and Daily Jin Jun Mei Black tea. These are pinnacle teas made by masters from the perfect terroirs and picked at the perfect season. It tastes mellow, sweet and fresh in the mouth with a lasting sweet aftertaste. All the black teas are made with mature leaves. Jin Jun Mei Tea; Keemun Black Tea; Dian Hong Tea; Wild Black Tea; Puerh Tea. The finished Jin Shan Cui Ya looks straight and elegant in appearance. Every 6g of tea can be brewed at least 10 times in 0,5 liter teapot, every time after brewing can leave a little tea soup in the pot as "tea base" for the next time. Aged Fir Nacirssus. It is made exclusively from the buds plucked in early spring from the tea plant. by Joseph F Pierre, Kyong Lee, et al. As a skilled farmer could pluck 2,000 ones everyday, to make one pound of the tea, it takes 20 farmers a whole day to collect the shooots. More info about Chinese Black Tea. GOARTEA Oolong Tea. It can be steeped up to 7 times. 1568. Net weight: 50 Gram/1.76 Ounce Type:Pure Bud Black Tea What is the Aroma? (3.5 oz) of water. Tips: 1. 1. Zheng Shan Tang. This tea is subtle and sweet, with hints of brown sugar and the unmistakable scent and flavour of jasmine. The fragrance is delicate, with fruity and floral What is the taste? The leaves are packed with antioxidants and minerals, providing you with a healthful boost in every sip. This particular small-lot version shows how a traditional tea master can transform well-tended, premium-quality wild-grown leaf into an elegant, deeply-flavored finished tea that quickly attains world-class status alongside its modern cousin. Jin Jun Mei black tea is a famous black tea from the Wu Yi Mountains in Fujian Province in eastern China. Chinese Jin Jun Mei tea China JinJunMei tea AAAA the Green For Health Care Lose Weight Kim Chun Mei black tea Oolong Tea US $6.44 - 15.57 / piece (1) | 4 Orders The Gelanghe cake has a sweet golden raisin scent. Jin Jun Mei * Golden Eyebrow Wuyi Black Tea *ON SALE* 100g 3.5 oz The dry leaves consist entirely of buds which give the brew a floral and fruity taste. When you need to unwind, this is the tea for you. While lapsang souchong has a very long history, Jin Jun Mei was created only recently. of only tender buds, the exquisite black teas is seen as the high-end Lapsang Souchong and one of the most expensive teas in China. Every 500 grams of this tea consists of 50,000 sprouts. If you see tea with many golden buds then this is, in our opinion, lower quality tea (despite what the supplier may write). Jin Jun Mei isn’t just China’s favourite black tea. 2. Jin Jun Mei Souchong tea leaves are carefully rolled and when infused, they unfurl into young one-bud one-leaf tea leaves. [1] Mei Leaf was established in London in 2006 (previously called chinalife) to represent true tea culture. Our Jin Jun Mei Lapsang Golden Eyebrow comes from a rare species of wild tea that grows at a high altitude in China's Wuyi Mountain range. Yin Jun Mei Black Tea 3. Jin Jun Mei is a celebrated black tea from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China developed in 2006. What would it taste like if the black tea is made with buds only? In fact, Jin Jun Mei and unsmoked high quality zhengshan xiaozhong may have a very similar flavor profile. Jin Jun Mei is made with tea buds only. Made . Making red tea quite popular and more widely consumed… and finally appreciated by connoisseurs. Every cup of this luxury white tea contains more than just flavour. Tongmuguan, Wuyi Mountain. Lapsang souchong is the first black tea in the world. True, high quality Jin Jun Mei should have much fewer golden buds and not have a great deal of tea fur on the leaves. Jin Jun Mei (Beautiful Golden Eyebrow in Mandarin) is a famous Chinese tea known for its deep auburn golden hue and delicate slender leaves, like a beautiful women’s eyebrow. The best brewing methods are Pin Cha or infusing. Shop By Brands. 2. DRAGON TEA HOUSE. Junmei Hong. Rinse tea cup and teapot with hot water. Lapsang... $45.20. Tongmuguan, Wuyi Mountain National Nature Reserve. Luxury Black Tea From Wuyi Mountain Only. As a skilled farmer could pluck 2,000 ones everyday, to make one pound of the tea, it takes 20 farmers a whole day to collect the shooots. New. Jin Jun Mei. Zheng Shan Ta Jin Jun Mei can be prepared in porcelain or clay teaware. AED 49.00 shipping. AED 74.16 AED 74. The standard of picking is one bud with one leaf or one bud with two leaves. 16. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders The tea leaves are harvested in Wu Yi Mountain Nature Reserve. Hardcover AED 791.77 AED 791. Where does it come from? Each full-sized square clocked in around 4g. This place is a hometown of one more exquisite Chinese black tea–Jin Jun Mei. High-mountains tea tre . Jin Jun Mei is precious, because the whole process is handmade by the tea master, every 500g Jin Jun Mei needs tens of thousands of fresh tea buds. Jin Jun Mei is made with tea buds only. Jin Jun Mei Black Tea 2. Unlike other famous Chinese red teas, Jin Jun Mei is a bud-only tea. Jun Mei Hong Black Tea 4. The tea itself is stunning in its beauty, with tippy golden leaves that smelled malty yet bright. Luxury Black Tea From Wuyi Mountain Only. GOARTEA® 40pcs*5g Nonpareil Supreme Organic Wuyi "Golden Buds" Jin Jun Mei JinJunMei Golden Eyebrow Chinese Black Tea £63.98 £ 63 . A pick-me-up tea that’s great any time of day, the young green tea leaves in our jasmine green tea are flavoured with fresh jasmine blossoms for a beautiful taste. Jin Jun Mei is an extraordinary black tea made from only the buds of wild tea bushes grown at very high elevations. Please noted:This kind of tea is "Golden buds" Jin Jun mei black tea. Origin: Wu Yi Shan, Fujian Province, China. Badong, Hubei province. PLEASE BE AWARE that this Jin Jun Mei is absolutely authentic and highest quality. Get to Know Us. Use about 3 grams of tea leaves (1-2 teaspoons) for every 150ml of water. Silver needle white tea offers a wide range of flavours for the connoisseur to enjoy, boasting a soft herbaceous aroma with notes of cut hay, berries and a rich hint of caramel and dark chocolate. Generally Yin Jun Mei can be considered as a lower grade Jin Jun Jun Mei. 77. Hello, Sign in. The tea grows in the Wuyishan National Nature Reserve which is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, for its cultural and scenic value. Grocery Tea, Coffee, Juice & Smoothies, Energy & Health Drinks, Water, Fizzy Drinks and more from the wide range of products, online shopping at best prices. Besided the Jin Jun Mei, Yin Jun Mei black tea was also created in recent years in Tong Mu Guan which adopts one bud one leaf material from the local mixed tea cultivar.