The main reason I like to train chest is that they are large and can lift a lot of weight. Dumbbell Workouts: Finding workout time can be tough. Best Chest Workout Routine – 45 Minutes. Seated Back This dumbbell routine can also help you build muscle, when done consistently along with other healthy lifestyle habits like eating a balanced, protein-filled diet and getting adequate sleep. Downward Dog + Upward Facing Try 7 Arm Exercises From Jeanette Jenkins and Venus Williams, If You Have Space For a Yoga Mat, You Have Space For One of These 13 Stationary Bikes, Reese Witherspoon Shared Her Daily Foam-Rolling Routine, and It Looks So Relaxing, Work Your Butt and Thighs With This 20-Minute Workout From Jeanette Jenkins and Deja Riley. Bend over at a 45 degree angle and make sure to keep your back neutral or even slightly arched (not rounded) with your core engaged. If you’re interested in at home workouts, simply investing in a few sets of dumbbells is all you need to do to make it work. Dumbbell Goblet Squat 4 8-10 Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift Dumbbell … This will build flexibility too. Perform each move for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest in between rounds. (If you're not as used to this style of training, it's fine to slow down, take more time to rest, or set aside the weights and do the movements with just your bodyweight — more on that below.) Just grab two dumbbells, set aside 45 minutes, and get ready to work your test your strength and your cardio. For the finisher, do 30 seconds of each move with no rest between moves. Best Leg Workout Routine – 45 Minutes. Besides the calories you'll burn during the workout, the HIIT style can also trigger the excess postexercise oxygen (EPOC) effect, which means you'll continue to burn a modest amount of calories even after your workout is over. 45-Minute Full-Body Dumbbell HIIT Workout. 45-Minute Upper Body Dumbbell Workout. Dumbbell Diagonal Chop TBIT // WORKOUT 1 Duration: 45 min Trainers: Mike Donavanik, Jeni Cardone, Kali Knapp Equipment: Dumbbells, Mat Difficulty: Medium/Advanced — Workouts 1 & 2: each workout is 40-minutes of pure, fat-blasting, total body interval circuits. Your best years start now Equipment needed: Two dumbbells (here’s how to choose the right weight) Directions: Warm up with the three exercises below and these dynamic bodyweight moves. So with this in mind dumbbell workouts are great for stabilizing the core and building abs. This workout is not for the faint of heart! Throw on some pump-you-up kind of music and get to work!! Article by Constance Gutknecht. Triceps Kickback + Mule Kick / from Bench Dumbbell Pause Squat + Jump / No Jump Cool down after with full-body stretches. 45 Minute HIIT Home Workout with Dumbbells + Abs. Run in Place + Arm Crossover, Deadlift + Snatch from Hang + Windmill Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided. This dumbbell upper body workout is designed to maximize your upper push pull gains and save you time overall when training at home. For this routine, you’ll need a pair of dumbbells and then either a chair, bench, or box. Nov 23, 2020 - Need an at home workout that doesn’t use any equipment?? May 7, 2018. On the 5th minute, hop on a piece of cardio equipment or skip for 60 seconds straight before going right into the second round by starting back at the kettlebell swings. Get daily fitness inspiration right in your inbox. Give it a try and see how it works for you. Great, Click the ‘Allow’ Button Above Extended Plank Rows / from Knees The goal of this home workout is to use... 20 Leg Exercises At Home with Dumbbells. We suggest bopping along to the tunes to distract you from the sweat. To make the intervals easier, download Interval Timer on your phone! 2 days ago, by Murphy Moroney The 30-Minute Full-Body Dumbbell Workout Medically reviewed by Peggy Pletcher, M.S., R.D., L.D., CDE — Written by Jesica Salyer — Updated on May 7, 2016 Share on Pinterest Click on "Watch later" to put videos here. The first one I did on 45-minute biceps workout. Ready to get to work? Side Plank. Created by Coach Kozak for the people. Also popular: 40-minute full body high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and 40-minute cardio and strength circuit workout. You don't need much to get a solid strength workout in, and this HIIT workout from NASM-certified trainer Andrew Samuels, who trains clients on the Bright App, proves it. You will need less than 1 hour to complete this workout. Come join our Facebook group POPSUGAR Workout Club. Refuel with Lean, High-Protein Pork … Reverse Curl + Overhead Hold This is an intense leg workout with weights. Do four rounds of the block. Love trying new workouts? Here you go!! A workout of just under 20 minutes can be adequate to build strength and size in just six weeks. Here's a simple routine: Do 10 bench press repetitions (this is called one set of 10). 18 45 minute dumbbell leg workout Grab your dumbbells and get stuck into this longer leg workout. Here is a specially designed 45-minute program to workout chest muscles, which includes 5 top chest exercises to add mass and chisel out well-formed big chest. by Yerin Kim Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? , For a Major Muscle-Building Challenge, Try This 45-Minute Dumbbell HIIT Workout, Let It Go and Dance Like Nobody's Watching With This Frozen-Themed Workout, Got 15 Minutes? 2 days ago, by Kelsey Garcia Overhead Reach + Knee Raise Check out here my specially designed best 45-minute leg workout program comprising of 5 best exercises for mass, size and shape that will not only build and make stronger your gluteus, quads, hamstrings and calves, but also fortify your foundation for many years to … 2 days ago, by Mekishana Pierre Directions: Warm up with the three exercises below and these dynamic bodyweight moves. Rest 60 seconds, then do another set for a total of two sets. 2 days ago. Repeat for three rounds. The full body workout only requires a pair of dumbbells and includes modifications to make it easier to … Hollow Body Fly / Knees Bent Do you believe that even Claudia was sweating after this one?! 1 day ago, by Monica Sisavat Start with your feet hip width apart, holding dumbbells in front of you and sit back in your hips. Knee Tuck + Archer Row / Squat A1. Seated Hamstring Stretch Use this full body dumbbell workout to improve strength, shed fat, and build lean muscle. HASfit Copyright © 2020. On all one-handed (or one-legged) moves, repeat with opposite … Rest 30 seconds and move on to the plyometric exercises, holding your lighter weight dumbbells. What makes this workout so intense is that it's long: 45 minutes total! That's why we've created this quick, calorie-burning, total-body 15-minute dumbbell workout. This no-equipment HIIT workout involves 45 minutes of high-intensity circuit training broken into 3 15-minute segments, one focusing on abs, one on lower-body and one on cardio. Goblet Squat. We focus on two heavier movements to start, then we implement dumbbell supersets to target the chest and back in a timely manner. hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a full body hit workout with weights while we will be providing easier modifications this is not a beginner workout if you are a true beginner we recommend that you check out one of our beginner routines this routine requires a pair of dumbbells and the weight that you choose will be completely dependent on your fitness level you will also want to have either a bench or chair handy for a few of the movements if you’re ready to go let’s get into it [Music] you [Music] alright let’s get started with a warm-up we’re going to do an overhead reach plus knee raise so at the same time we’re going to reach up with both arms and bring up opposite alternating me get a nice full reach up overhead go to test that flexibility and mobility at the same time and ideally we’re bringing that knee up until it’s parallel to the ground focusing on breathing throughout today’s workout and the warm-up and the purpose of this warm-up is just to get your heart rate up increase your overall body temperature and gain a little extra mobility at the same time we’re not going to count any reps during this so we just encourage you to move at your own pace just remember this is the warmup not the actual workout so no need to push it too hard yet there’ll be plenty of time for that coming up yeah make sure to breathe get that full extension overhead stretching out those shoulders engage those abs to bring that knee up on every rep let’s go ahead and keep this one up for five four three two one zero alright we’re going to head to the floor for the next one we’re going to move into a kneeling diagonal chop so on one knee we’re going to reach to the same side of that knee that’s in front and then we’re going to chop up and across this one’s going to give you a little bit of thoracic spine mobility loosening up that spine that core getting there ready for this work we got coming up also this one’s good to warm up your hip flexors and quads this one move is hitting multiple body parts making sure to actually rotate with your core to the left all the way up and to the right and not just moving your arms back and forth side to side good keep breathing keep moving we’re going to switch sides on this one and five four three two one zero opposite side now right into it all right again starting at that that front leg and then going up and across Big O chop and as you get into this one you should notice your mobility improving from rep to rep as you do get loosened up whoo I feel it we feel it guys it was just the warmup we’re going to feel it today I promise you that it’s I’m not going to tell you it’s going to be easy but it will be worth it good moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with here four five four three two one zero all right we’re going to move into Sand the floor we’re going to move into a little yoga inspired move we’re going to go back and forth between the downward dog to an upward facing dog so let’s go and come up into a high plank position then bring your hips back stretching off those shoulders head back really dry those hips and do a downward facing dog and then we’re going to reverse it come forward bring those hips down head up chin up and stretch into an upward facing dog from that stretch in your abdominals quads and hip flexors and then now let’s move it back into the downward facing dog again on this one spewing your body getting a little more loosened up with every rep all right back to that upward facing dog drive those hips back down it’s a great one to go ahead and improve the mobility and your posterior chain and then your spine and one more time back to that downward facing dog driving those hips back like somebody’s pulling back on your glutes stretching out those shoulders at the same time alright one last upward facing dog back up its to the ground notice of staying on my balls my feet on this one chin up and three two one zero all right so come on up to our feet we’re going to get our heart rate up with this last one we’re going to a run in place plus arm crossover loosening up your shoulders in your chest at the same time staying light and on the balls of our feet I like you to alternate which arm is on top on this arm crossover again depending on your flexibility you may or may not be able to cross as quite as much as we are and that’s alright we encourage you to make this workout your own making sure to breathe you can how hold your breath gotta get into the good habit of breathing throughout it’s a good time in the routine here just warm up to start thinking about what brought you here today what is it that motivates you what made you click on this video and start this workout today whatever the answer to that question is it can be the same thing that get you through to the end so keep it in your mind throughout today’s routine you got it hot feet hot feet nice and light on the balls of your feet little bend in those knees and five four three two one zero that’s it I’m ready to go I’m one warm up complete let’s get into the workout we only need one dumbbell for the very first one alright we’re going to do a compound-complex move it’s three and one so let’s go over together feet are a little wider than shoulder-width apart first going to perform a deadlifts we’re going to break at those hips then bend the knees at the dumbbell falls between our legs stand up squeeze the glutes at the top now break it the hips weight back in the hips and we’re going to do a snatch from the hang elbow comes high explosively up overhead lastly we’re going to point your toes on a 45 degree angle and then we’re going to bend over perform a windmill driving that hip out to the side go over together repeat so deadlift snatch windmill boom and we’re going to repeat this sequence so you’re moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with you need to increase the way we need to decrease the way whatever it is you need to do make this work for you again not counting any repetitions so it’s all about moving at a pace you feel comfortable with and pushing yourself on this deadlift really driving those hips back weight back in the hips and on that Snatcher bring that elbow up liquor zipping up a jacket and then lastly performing that windmill boom big power on everyone really concentrate on your form definitely we got three unique moves here hitting the total body with this one you’d be easier to find exit era easier to find a muscle group that this one isn’t working then to name all of them that it is this one is hitting your legs your core and your upper body all at the same time doing one side at a time again getting as many reps in as we can in a lot of time period good now in this one for just ten more seconds and then we’re going to switch sides big power on that snatch every time and five four three two one and zero all right switch it up opposite side now again weight back in the hips keep those feet flat on that deadlift make sure you’re not coming up on your toes bring that elbow up explosively on that snatch and then on that windmill go ahead and look up at that dumbbell as you’re performing on a nice straight line drive those hips out to the side keep your back straight core stays tight throughout all three moves really engage those ABS in your core excellent work everybody keeping it up staying focused only the one side of this one today so get through it and you can check it off your list you got it boot again on every one of those windmills really focus on driving those hips out to the side with a slight bend in the knee and looking up at that dumbbell you got it come on moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with pushing yourself right here guys let’s do this one for last 10 seconds almost there almost there keep it moving remember why you came here today what is it what’s your driving force and five four three two one and zero goodbye son art we need again just the one dumbbell for the next one and I’m actually going to pull out my bench for this particular modification we’re going to do a combo move again we’re going tricep kickback plus mule kick so my feet are shoulder-width apart my dumbbells in one arm and I’m actually marrying the exact same movement that he’s doing but I’m putting my hand on the bench for support we’re bent over at a 45 degree angle I’m just going to put my hand on my hip so at the same time bending only at the elbow we’re going to perform a tricep kickback and a mule kick so bringing that heel up to the ceiling and squeezing our glute at the same time whoo I’m going to take much on this one the feel is no it does not you’re going to feel it on that front leg that’s balancing and feel it on that glute and hamstring of the leg that’s coming up don’t forget those tracks and you’re going to feel it in your triceps keep that upper arm up and parallel to the ground the one that’s doing the kickback and only bend at the elbow no swinging that’s it nice and under control hoop and if you lose your balance a little bit that’s alright not about being perfect just about putting in the work excellent keep that core tight back stays straight on this one a lot of balance involved right a core stabilization on this one you got it guys come on doing a lot of compound moves today getting a lot of work in in a short period of time come on keep it up keep it up we’re going to switch sides here and five four three two one zero okay same position just switch into everything up all right then begin again squeeze and that tricep up at the top bring that heel up to the ceiling something we’re gonna have a bent knee that leg that’s performing the mule kick it actually core stays tight remembering to breathe that’s it don’t hold your breath you will regret it about what brought you here today what is it this one’s working your hamstrings your glutes your cool or your quads your triceps all getting hit in this one single movement doin excellent keep it up not much left on this one let’s hit this one for last ten seconds oh come on what you got what you got put it out there and five four three two one zero oh my goodness alright I’m gonna steal the bench for the next one yeah not required you decide which move you’re gonna do I’m going to do it get either goblet Bulgarian split squat or just a goblet split squat yep so again only one dumbbell needed for this one we’re going to hold our dumbbell up top in X goblet position two hands up at the top I’m going to place one foot back on the bench and I’m in the split squat stance and if you need to widen your base just a little bit to help keep your balance go ahead and do so both of us are going to drop straight down so both knees at a 90 degree angle and then back up that guy’s well my version is a little bit tougher but they’re both tough yes they are you decide which one is right for you we’re going to equal time on each leg yep don’t remember don’t remember don’t forget to breathe through the entire movement that’s it breathing in on the way down and exhaling on the way up always exhaling on the hardest part of the move nice and under control oh my glute they’re on fire already we like it we’re feeling it hence the tribe we hope you are too come on we’re right there with you work at your own pace don’t try to keep up with us sitting back you going panting oh you might want faster again whatever that is make this workout your own actually my job everybody come on stick with it harder this week looking to switch sides in five four three two-one-zero cool aside now for I didn’t do it and we go alright now holding the weight in front like this in a goblet position it’s going to put a little extra emphasis on our quads so be ready for whoo again keeping good posture coarse and tight you got it guys you got it stand tough exercise might be tough but you’re tougher right sitting back again ideally getting both those knees until they’re close to a 90-degree angle and then coming back up we don’t want you to do is bounce that back knee off the ground keep it under control we also don’t want you to fall forward here try to keep your head up chest up as best as you can good point yeah again breathing in on the way down out on the way up that’s it this one four five four three two one zero whoo okay now no dumbbell leave the next one we are going to need your chair your bench whatever you have couch a lot of different things could work for this we’re gonna do a chair dip yes so I’m going to do a little harder variation but he’s going to do the classic version either way ever placing her hands with her fingers facing forward on the back on our palms I’m going to kick my legs out straight and I’m going to have my knees bent here we’re gonna drop down into both elbows at a 90 degree angle we’re going to press back up now when I do mine I’m going to press up and bring one knee up at the same time and I’m just going to stay with the knees bent version and actually if you are not quite at the point where you’re doing the knee type like coach you can definitely just bring your legs out and keep the chair dips going again will give you plenty of modifications here to make this your own that’s right go ahead and do that knee tuck if you really want to get some extra ab work in make it just that much harder whoa again why do we’re coming down to those elbows hit about a ninety degree angle and then we’re pressing back up you’re not imagining the tricep burn that’s for sure who’s working especially after those tricep kickbacks that’s true whoo we’re feeling a to tried come on come on burn so good burn so good we’re right there with you rep by Rep get to my own pace that’s it pushing yourself cuz nobody else can or will do it for you oh how many can you get come on keep it going keep it going fifteen seconds a las pumas fifteen that’s it that’s it come on then you’re done with E who should push it where ya heads for tribal war yeah let’s go five four three two one zero all right move your bench or chair out of the way we’re going to need both dumbbells for the next one we’re going to move into an upper body move little combination move we’re going to press up with one arm and keep one dumbbell straight overhead with the second arm we’re going to perform a reverse curl so go ahead and keep that wrist straight locked in to that elbow in nice and close to your body that opposite arm is just isometrically holding that dumbbell up overhead and we’re going to go half and half on each side make sure your palm is facing forward the arm that’s up in the air well I guess to a knight in the reverse way on both of them exactly well yeah both grips are pronate get that wrist straight and locked in we don’t want what we call spaghetti wrists where you’re letting that risco all loose want to make sure we keep that wrists in hand in a straight line with your lower arm low until the burn on this one feel in the forearms and biceps working on this one on that arm that’s moving nice and metric on that shoulder just stabilizing keeping it overhead all right good keep a good base a little bend in your knees core stays tight of course we’re breathing let’s go guys not much left on this side four five four three two one zero now here’s the fun part let’s switch it up opposite side now that one that was just working is holding up overhead and then reverse curling with the opposite arm again try your best to keep that elbow in nice and tight to your body you don’t want it flaring out to the side no swinging either yeah we’re tight and engaged you got it really control both ends of the movement on this one you don’t want to use momentum to get that dumbbell up and then let it flat down and instead controlling the move you gotta guys come on let’s go fighting through that burn you’re stronger than that burn right here right now let’s do it come on let’s hit this side for the last 10 seconds come on stay tough stay tough let’s go five four three two one zero nice okay we’re going to kick it up a notch with this next one but we only need one dumbbell for it so going to place that one dumbbell out in front of you we’re going to do a little combination move I’m going to go meet up which is a plyometric jump up looking my knees up soft landing and I’m jumping down performing a Archer row and I am actually just doing a squat so you’re going to see me come up I’m going to go down into a squat come right back up squat down again step back into an archer row we’re alternating hands here so you can tell one version is obviously much lower impact than the other you decide what’s right for you if you’re doing that knee token really focus on landing softly and then that Archer row you’re turning both feet pivoting and pulling back on that elbow everything you got right here get as many repetitions as you can this is a tough one this is going to separate those who really want it from those who just want to talk about it core tight on that are to roll back stay straight come on let’s go keep the pace up keep the energy up how many can you get you got it you got it oh yeah hands me try boy ya feelin the burn on these legs we know it’s tough we’re right there with you come on fighting through yeah fifteen seconds how many can you get pushing through pushing through I’m a TRO make sure you’re pulling back from the elbow on every rep come on let’s go five four three one nine two one zero aha excellent we’re going to need just that one dumbbell again for the next one okay all right so I’m going to show you my variation I’m going to go at kneeling curl so step one leg back reach down and as I step up I’m going to curl and then perform a rotational prize and I’m actually going to leave a Neil out go into a curl and straight up into that rotational press you decide it’s this additional meal appropriate for you or not trying to catch my breath after that last move it definitely did get your heart rate up got mine up as well so I’m stepping back dropping both knees to a 90-degree angle and then we’re performing a hammer curl keeping that all facing in on the curl and then rotate as you press straight up straight up not in front of you straight up and you probably guessed it by now we’re going to perform equal to time on each side oh yeah this one’s working your lower body your core your shoulders biceps forearms all getting hit on this one how many can you get in that’s it the name of the game you versus you right here everybody not competing with us competing with the you who couldn’t do it yesterday right let’s hit it come on let’s switch sides in five four three two one zero opposite side now right into it try to really eliminate that downtime getting a lot of work in in a short period of time today I mean a core nice and tight on the rotation on the curl remembering to breathe that’s it come on keep it working guys that time of the workout its are kidding tougher you really gotta focus on what brought you here today what is it what are your goals what are you trying to get stronger gain muscle lose fat just get more fit whatever it is keep up with your children your grandchildren right life whew comes at your heart and back we want to be ready for it come on keep it moving right there with you right you’re not alone to this workout not much left everybody come on grind through on this one only the one set of these today four five four three two one zero all right we need that only that one dumbbell again right for the next one we’re moving to the floor we’re going to get into a high plank position I’m going to be up on my feet and I’m going to be doing it from my knees backs are straight core is tight now we’re going to that one dumbbell pull back and perform an isometric hold isometric row home back from the elbow trying our best to keep our shoulders Square to the ground whoo hard to breathe and talk that’s right in this one I know and don’t hold your breath whatever you do you’re probably not talking right now but keep your core tight back and a straight really squeeze that upper back as well as you pull that dumbbell back this one’s working your core you’re whoo hey everything our little shitty shoulders it’s all working right here come on hang tough everybody and it was just a isometric hold but it catches up to you fast you start up top and you need to move your knees feel free to do so make it your own we’re going to switch sides in five four three two one zero opposite side not coming down in between just keep it up the corn gauge you got it you got it right here whoo go to your happy place on this one yeah you took the words right out of my mouth Claudia that’s it so that happy place whatever it is okay Sonic get away from here breathe that quartzite back stays straight come on you could do this all day not the kontakion you’re unstoppable right here I know it’s tough to get started but once we’re in it we’re unstoppable right here come on hold tight hold tight give me ten more seconds that’s it you got it you got ten seconds you can do anything we can come on that’s it five four three two one zero all right we’re going to be back up on our feet for the next one we’re going to need both dumbbells we’re doing a pause squat variation so for you two shoulders apart dumbbells are in the outside of her legs first we’re going to break at the hips and then bend at the knees coming down into our thighs are parallel to the ground head up chest up now we’re going to pause now I’m going to jump and I’m actually not going to jump and I’m just going to go right back into the slot and pause so you decide if you want to do the squat jump variation or just the dumbbell squat plus-plus pause either way they’re both killers no focusing on it for doing the jump really focus on nice soft landings put that weight back in your hips on both variations keeping those knees out don’t allow them to collapse in so it’s gonna burn those legs out I feel it you got to be tougher than that burn right here got to remember where that burns coming from that’s just that lactic acid in your legs just that muscle fuel but your muscles use you don’t have to listen to that that burning nerve response just got a push past it come on you got it right here nice one 1001 at the bottom every time almost there not much left and five four three two one zero Who am I can you shake those legs out might be like jello all right dumbbells for the next one we’re going to do a push up variation next that’s right so if you have that bed your chair get it back out I’m going to do mine from the floor cloudy’s doin herzman incline you decide what is right for you doing a full range of motion push up to those elbows reach to 90 degrees back up now we’re going to do a Y raise on one arm back into the push-up Y raised on the alternate arm so I decide back and forth whoo keep that core tight back stays straight nice full range of motion don’t rush it on this one and if you have in trouble doing these from the ground get something like a like a bench a chair a couch a counter counter a wall so many options the higher up the tool or implement you use the easier it will be just keep moving don’t stop come on let’s go right here don’t quit when it hurts stop when you’re done come on a little bit better every repetition and why raise we’ll just bringing that arm up and out on a 45 degree angle with the thumb up core tight back straight shoulders stay parallel to the ground come on let’s go what do you got right here whoo move it to yourself not to me not to Claudia you versus you you’re worth it right here come on come on come on come on let’s go five four three two one zero actually I couldn’t shake those arms out whoo we’re going to need just one dumbbell okay for the next one we’re going to move into a dumbbell diagonal chop so two hands on the outside of that dumbbell feet are shoulder-width apart and your knees break your hips reach to one side chop up and across reach down chop up and across you want with that outside foot give a little pivot as you come up up to you full range of motion that power is coming up and across your body excellent very functional move here just bringing those gifts but not a full squad you want you can do a squat or a full squat you want to add some extra resistance but it’s not necessary come on keep fighting right there with you everybody that’s right oh yeah has four tries come on keep the energy we’re hurting just like you are and not alone let’s switch sides and five four three two one zero I’m looking I say move am beginning boom big power as we chop across using your legs your core shoulders all working together synergistically to make this move happen come on straight up overhead big power your powerhouse power factory right here one rep in another you can’t be stopped come on can’t stop won’t stop that’s right every repetition is getting you just that much closer to your goal and five four three two one zero oh goodness good one all right keep just that one dumbbell for the next one do a side lunge combination exercise I’m going to do the sidelines with one foot elevated and I’m actually just going to step out into the side lunge so again you decide which one is right for you whereas we come down we’re going to reach across that outside leg come up pull up on that elbow into it upright row flip it over and press that’s one repeat down reach across up pull up flip over press do you got it right there getting into it again you decide which variation is right for you there’s no easier variation here we got hard and harder that’s right that core tight back stays straight throughout the whole move keep that form nice and clean that’s right focus on form and another total body move here working everything from here quads hamstrings lower back your traps upper back triceps shoulders abs I don’t know if I missed anything but and a lot on this one all right stay focused on the move here you got it not much left on this side yes focus on the move you don’t do a little blunder like I just yeah what’s not about being perfect right just about putting in the work here four five four three two one zero work flipping over the other side now our switch inside anybody because like a little room here thank you appreciate it all right if you’re ready let’s go over I didn’t do it you got it by now pushing the pace remember what brought you here today to begin with staying focused on that’s right focus on that goal not the discomfort that you’re feeling right now motion passes temporary don’t meant on your fitness is 100% mental as you’re coming up use that power who from your legs to help pull that dumbbell up like that there we go is better breathe come down ideally until that thigh gets to about parallel to the ground right back up you got it come on come on come on we told you this wasn’t a beginner workout there but to your credit you’re here you’re still fighting they’re still alive you’re still breathing come on keep it moving no quit in you no quit in you you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it here four five four three two one zero shake those legs loosen it Lou we need just that one dumbbell again for the next one we’re moving to the floor we’re going to do another high plank row variation so I’m going to come into all fours here on my feet and I’m going to be on my knees again as you see you decide which one is right for you only place that dumbbell out in front of you now from this extended position we’re pull back from the elbow and roll back out in front of you hood so then extended high plank roller so every time you got extend reach that core tight obviously this isn’t all about that row but it’s just important keep that core tight that straight and keep the body stable every rep is pulling back from that elbow but you got a string attached to that over ruing you’re definitely going to feel it staying under control not using momentum don’t just throw the dumbbell back place it back gently switch inside it five four three two one opposite side stay up come on now down time right into it right here come on button to the end everybody fighting to the end you got reaching out in front every time it’s a slight bend in the elbow of that arm that’s holding you up core stays tight back is straight and do not give up no come on let’s go right here remember it’s not how bad you want it so how hard you want to work for it every rep you’re putting in that work right here no quit in you let’s see let’s see come on hold tight hold tight four five four three two one 0ne laughs all right we’re back up on your feet for the next one we’re going to need both dumbbells oh we’re going to finish off your lower body with this next one looks a couple of reverses lunge variation I’m going to start by getting low the now-famous low position I’m going to step back drop both knees to a ninety then come back up and I’m just gonna do a reverse lunge and come right back up so just a good ol reverse lunge on this side and she’s coming all the way back up in between repetitions where I’m maintaining this low isometric position not giving my legs any break in between again you decide which one is right for you right now you might start with one and switch to the other whatever it is we encourage you to make it your own right or you can do coach’s version and maybe lose your dumbbells hey all I never that’s also an option whatever works for you whatever you do keep moving don’t stop come on right here right now this is it whoo come on prove it to yourself how strong you are right here right now exceeding your own expectations that’s what it’s about right here come on get a little better than you were yesterday right I want to read comments about how you finished it and you didn’t think that you were going to make it that’s it push through but that you did it anyway prove it to yourself let’s go ten seconds almost there fight through that burn cool yeah right there with you has to drive right there with you five four three two one zero we need both dumbbells moving to the floor lying down okay on their back we’re going to do a hollow body position Siamese we’re going to tuck your chin get your shoulder blades up off the ground now I’m gonna have my leg straight and I’m actually going to have my knees bent now we’re going to pull them up perform a fly keeping a slight bend in those elbows squeeze your chest then stretch your chest you decide which variation is right for you but he the way you want to have that lower back glued to the ground it should be no arch and your lower back and if you can’t get that lower back down but make sure that chin is tucked and a little hill to heart can bend those knees and we’ll make it just easy enough for you to do it come on still a challenge I want you to go ahead and keep breathing through this entire movement that’s it don’t stop you got it right here right there with you right there with your rep by Rep come on slightly along with you let’s go to do abs tight don’t let them down don’t let them down you got to you can bend the knees but don’t quit nope keep moving that’s it we’re almost there play through guys play through it little fighter not a quitter let’s go ten more seconds on this one almost there come on come on hold up hold up five four three two one zero who both dumbbell to the side we’re finishing off with a wide mountain climber coming up into a high plank position but only gonna have a wide grip with their hands fingers are out to the side hands are out wider than shoulder-width now I’m going to perform a traditional mountain climber and I’m going to do steps up and right back down decide which variation is right for you that core tight back stays straight don’t stop moving this is it right here finish you off that’s it everything you got no holding back come on let’s go you versus you don’t save anything in that tank come on keep it up keep it up you can make it through this you can make it through anything life has a throw edge think about how good you’re gonna feel when there’s workouts all done rude let’s go well proud you’re going to be that you finished it no matter what else the rest of your day brings is gonna be proud that this workout is done and you hung in there to the end there’s a little stronger every day guys right there with you have to try come on let’s go try working together working together let’s go ten seconds that’s it that’s it come on you got it you got it four five four three two one zero Kulu you made it sure you made a Claudia you made it God maximal work you know I’m mad when I got a little split going on aah no joke she never had our good I’m the sweating machine well we’re gonna move into a cool-down next okay allow your heart rate to come down slowly gain little mobility at the same time we’re going to need a wall or door frame for the next one we’re going to do a bent arm wall stretch let’s go and place that forearm on the wall there nice and close to the wall elbows bent at 90 and as you’re close go ahead and stretch and turn yourself away from the wall it’s going to work your chest shoulders open you up yeah he really got hit today didn’t mean with that workout yeah well and they get head every day to make sure how we’re spending the car sitting computer cut sitting down this is a great one to improve your posture just pull apart all these stretches we’re looking to get – well 85 90 % switch opposite side now looking to get to about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of you want to feel good stretch but you don’t want to get the point where you’re really feeling pain nice big deep breath I took lie your breath to calm take a minute here to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today there were easy everybody be fit but they’re not so it makes you so special for showing up today four three two one zero all right this next one we’re going to stay at the wall we’re going to move into a wall slide great one for your your back in your lats and place both forearms on the wall and then we’re going to press your arms into the wall as you slide them up and pull your body away and then back up slide the forearms up pull your body away and back every time getting the stretch in your back and in your lats and in your shoulders feel that stretch whoo this one’s tight on me today move move then working hard it’s important to treat your recovery just as important as you treat the rest of your training I got prioritizes that’s it come on stick with it nice and controlled movement and relaxed nice big deep breath four five four three two one zero hot a nice active stretch let’s hit the lower body next come on down to the floor place your legs out in front of you and sit down on your backside first we’re going to focus on your hamstrings so legs are out straight knees are down then straight down to the floor and place both hands on your hips for this one we’re only going to bend over at the hips as a hinge so it keeps keep your back straight so it’s not here we’re trying to reach as far as possible but instead keeping your back straight come down as far as possible keeping your head in line with your spine and it’s really going to isolate those hamstrings in the back of your leg don’t all your knees that come up keep them down just hinging at the hips shoulders stay back on this one retract it and hold that’s it nice big deep breaths really feel those hamstring stretching and I told this one four five four three two one zero come on I’m going relax all right next we’re going to do us a little bit more of a lower back focus very similar this time we’re going to go ahead and reach and allow your back to arch and just get a full reach in where we don’t want to is pull back on the toes just yet you can take the toe straight he saw me well it’s coming next and just get a full stretch bring that head down full reach again keep those knees square knees flush to the floor reach nice deep breath and excellent work if you can’t quite quite get as far as we are today that’s okay and if you much further that’s cool to just make it your own four five four three two one come back up okay we’ve got one last one here well with this position we’re going to move into our calf stretch now so go ahead and pull those toes back and roll on you can reach to the toes and pull them back and you may just need to pull back and you’ll feel enough of the calf stretc to not have to reach out and if you can’t reach them and you’re just like this that’s okay just at the same time reach as far as you can while pulling back on your toes so if you’re just right here that’s okay too you can keep those knees down don’t let them up but if you can reach those feet going really pull back on those toes making those calves stretch beat those calves up and this workout today so the least that we can do is loosen them up a little bit show them a little out that’s it little TLC hold this one for five four three two one zero excellent alright last one we’re going to finish up with a sprinter quad stretch so that quadricep is that thigh muscle in front I’m going to pull one leg back and I’m going to pull mine out to the side and Claudia is going to pull hers underneath her misai which is more appropriate for you and then we’re going to lean back so I’m just going to lean back to my forearms you could also lean back to here or you could lie all the way back you decide which one is appropriate for you and your fitness level I’m not going to lie back today I’m just going to hang out right here on my forearms my quads are tight today see where I’m at we’ve been working hard we had a hike a few days ago and I don’t think my quads have quite recovered yet we died we bought a new hiking backpack we put our two-year-old daughter in the back of it so I carried her for miles my closet overcut miles at an incline yes that’s true yeah it was pretty rigorous leaning back and let’s just hold this one four three two one zero that’s it come on up and back here we go last one and you might find that one leg is lighter or I’m sorry looser or tighter than the other totally calm and don’t let that did you worry I let that freak you out that’s right it’s pretty common nice big deep breaths here my left ones always usually more tight [Music] last few seconds here four five four three two one and zero that’s it everybody give yourself a round of applause you man on the back let’s see if I can stand up yep legs are still working here going down obligated to stand no you can hang out we have to stand so you know this is what it is thank you so much for working out with us today if you enjoyed this workout and you’ve been seeing some results working out with us for a 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