I can no longer imagine using a fullsize, since i wouldn't use a pistol for hunting, and I don't do competitions. If I had the money I would have kept the Glocks and bought the other two outright -ha- but you know how that goes. It’s no Hi-Power, or CZ 75. The gun runs, even when it’s slowly becoming sandy inside and out. #Guns. The stock Glock is hands-down a better trigger than the XD. The Sig is also made in the USA, can’t say that for the Glock or the Springfield. #Gear #Skills. From my experience new shooters mostly shoot Glocks better. The Hellcat is loaded with features that suits the CCW market just fine. It was dirt cheap to buy by the 500 round brick, so I grabbed a crate’s worth. It’s a small, black striker-fired gun. Good God, I would love to own one of these......... Hey OpticsPlanet fans! It has a tritium vial surrounded by a yellow luminescent polymer. « OpticsPlanet and Vortex Offer A Dream Hunt for Two! When I got the gun I loved it. I did not like the dig on glock over switchable the fact that when Gen 4 pistol has the mag release changed to the left side older (pre gen magazines) will not work. For others it is still to large over all for it to fit the hands of others properly. I had a ghost connector and Ameriglo Sights installed at the gun shop so I don’t have experience with the factory setup. I shot it four times, and I did fail once. The pinky extension is the perfect fit. We only wish there were more upgrades available right now for this brand-new gun, but we foresee that changing. I also have a xd 40c. I added a laser site and 2 extra magazines, but before I got to fire it it was recalled. I have been asked by some folks as to which is better or which should I get and I proceed to point out the features of each and let them feel and ultimately let them decide. Maybe optics planet could shoot me over some night sights for my XD on the house ; ) You’ve got my e mail, give me a heads up when they’re being shipped. The flat-faced trigger design is comfortable, too, without any bite from the safety blade. Glock 26 / 27 / 33 Mag Holder; Glock 36 Mag Holder; Glock 42 Mag Holder; Glock 43 Mag Holder; HK P30 Mag Holder; KAHR 380 Mag Holder ; KAHR MK/PM/CM/Covert Mag Holder; Keltec 3AT Mag Holder; Remington RM380 Mag Holder; Ruger LC9 Mag Holder; Ruger LCP Mag Holder; Ruger LCP II Mag Holder; S&W M&P Bodyguard Mag Holder; S&W M&P SHIELD Mag Holder; Concealed Carry Gear; Springfield HellCat … IE, Mdl 21, or 21 SF full size will fit a Mdl 30, or Mdl 30 SF. And who says the glock trigger is better? (Then again, new barrels cost a fraction of what 10,000 rounds costs these days.) They sell it as a texture that feels soft when touched softly and feels rougher when gripped harder. It is a micro-compact gun, a new genre that seems to indicate the gun is small and holds at least ten rounds. IF I want a shallow magazine, it gives me that option. I like my Glock 30 for fitting JUST RIGHT. Privacy Policy and That's always the challenge for me with micro pistols, my hands are not exceptional large but I have long fingers. We have lots of awesome CCW content, from holsters to new guns – take a look at the Concealed Carry Definitive Guide! More features=More to go wrong. I ,Like a jacket around my projectile. However clean up is a pain in the ass. The trigger and sights are great, but the sight radius is shorts and limits what you can do. But, the issue is which feels the best in your hand and which one can you use more effectively. 80% Arms GST-9 Full Kit! Monarch Trigger System for Glock 42. 2251 $ 109.99. Customary Metric . Stay classy optics planet. Train with it & you will agree that nothing else is needed. I have carried my glocks for 26, 27, twenty six, twenty seven years plus. Neither would fit what I would call my ” go to war gun”. I carry an issued Glock 22 for duty use and personally own an XD .45 and XDM .40 for off duty carry. Now that the Hellcat is clean, we can lubricate it. Check out our beginners guns video course. The sights are fantastic, the over the top serrations are an excellent addition, and the removal of the grip safety was a step forward for the XD series. It’s a gun you could train hard with and not feel fatigued or pain in your hands. I like Glock Hands down!!! I had concerns about these issues after the first 100 rounds so I called their support and they explained the problem with the clearances and first question asked was “how many rounds had I fired with it?” After I told them, they said I would need to fire probably 200-300 more before it loosened up in turn eliminating the problem. It’s priced very competitively for what it is. As any person that carries a firearm knows it is about how the the weapon feels to you. The same texture graces the pinky extension and extended magazine. Where are the SA Hellcats made? It has a rail for lights and lasers, so it gets one point anyway. I have not seen this happen to a Glock magazine yet. The U Dot sights are quick and eye-catching. Great points made on both guns. The first Springfield I bought was an XDS.45. VS. Springfield . I shot serveral hand guns and bought a CZ P01 9mm. I don't have micro hands. Oh yea my brother is a seal so i can say what i said. With the Hellcat, I did Dot Torture, the iHack, Changing Gears, and the famed El Presidente. I see XD…but not XDM? I also carry the Flock for duty and the XDM 9mm and 40 for self. The magazine release is something else. Now it will eject and clear a round without a problem. I carry an issued Glock 22 for duty use and personally own an XD .45 and XDM .40 for off duty carry. I just purchased the glock 36. The Springfield Hellcat 9mm is obviously intended to run head to head with SIG Sauer’s P365 and other ultra-compact 9mm carry pistols. I haven’t run the El Presidente in years but still managed to pass with an 8.67, 9.98, and a 9.78. He’s a lifelong shooter who just happened to be mediocre enough with a gun and a keyboard to combine the two and write. It allows me to test the gun and allows me to train. Glock should be ashamed of the crappy sights that aren’t worth keeping. when I go out it is a minimum of 500 rds. The XDM is SA’s top-of-the-line, while all Glocks are the same, quality and design/engineering wise, and therefore all are Glock’s best offerings. Opinions are like belly-buttons: everybody has one. The company’s existing G25 and G28 pistols have only been available for government buyers due to the oddities of US importation regulations.Like all of the Glock pistols, the gun uses a striker instead of a traditional hammer. I’d like to see Walther shrink their PPS-M2 into a smaller package. Monarch Trigger System for the Glock 43. And remember in california they let out another 9,000 +, nine thousand plus bad guys and gals out onto the streets 8 June 2013. If you look at the hostage targets – I would take the shot with my 1911 – probably not with the Glock. Accurate! I own a Glock 23, gen 4. Thanks! Our favorite guns and gear that we've tested and fully recommend. If I lost this one, I would buy another. Manipulating these small weapons is much harder and error prone than a full sized or even the step down to a G19 sized gun. The sights are tritium and are outstanding. I can’t really take on the entire issue here without going for thousands and thousands of words. (MP shootouts with the 1911 tended to miss low, whereas revolver armed police shootouts tended to miss high). Feels great with 12 rd magazine. For others, the safety features on the machine may make them more comfortable.. I also really like the grip safety which provides me extra assurance when holstering. But what Glock fan boy would not become apoplectic if Glocks were considered that way? Now I”ll let you decide what I like better. I just dropped 20% at my local pawn/gun shop, Tomball Pawn & Jewelry. I really like the move to larger CC handguns and I am hoping we'll see 1911 killers from SA and Sig and others. Both firearms are very good and will get the job done. One of the key factor that I love about the XD 9 is magazine capability the gun came with a 10 round and a 16 round magazine. The flush-fitting magazine is a bit short for my hands, and after shooting with it, I attached the pinky extension. Have you noticed something changing about concealed carry guns? G.W.O. Lastly, SLIDE RELEASE. One other note: You can use lead cast bullets in the Glock octagonal barrel as long as they are coated with a polymer such as Bayou Bullets uses. After my first 50 rounds, I took some time to dry fire and practice my trigger pull a bit. You might have to pay more for the Sig but again, we are talking about one gun that you would choose to go into battle with and nothing less will do. I liked the grip and it came with a ten shot compact size magazine and a longer magazine that held 13 rounds. XD45,XDM45 and XDs 45..bought XD45 used and shot so well I picked the others up over several years. Doing so, range personnel will properly clean the gun and insuring the safety of both the shooter and those nearby. You now have to do a emergency or speed reload. It’s all effortless to see and very well made. For example, take a peek at number 9. This portion of the drill required me to draw and then shoot, reload, and shoot number 10. What is your top Micro or Sub-Compact? Springfield Vs. Glock Debate! Yes, SIG Sauer does indeed now offer a 15-round … No Grip Safety, for some reason, was the biggest complaint for the XD/XDM/XDS. It is not considered as safe as a fully supported chamber when shooting reloads which does not stress brass as much. You can clamp the TLR-7 on (without tab ) but if you put it in a reputable Kydex holster with decent retention the light would pull off and be stuck in the holster forever. The holster and gun provided a good enough fit to allow me to grip the gun and clear leather without a problem. That’s the best way I can translate the marketing talk. by Kyle Mizokami The HK45 is 8.03 inches long, has a barrel length of … Building Your 24-Hour Get Home Bag. Great argument on both sides. Both are great guns, but bang for buck goes to the XD, in my opinion. I can use the ten round which offers better concealment or the 13 shot magazine when concealment isn’t a concern. Your Glock will be safe and secure in an Incognito Concealment Kydex holster. The stock XD runs at least $200 less than the Glock. For those who favor the If you read up on the xd/xdm you would know this. I can’t really give you a better look at these two great guns than it provides. I’m sold on XD”s. No matter if I have a less than perfect grip the grip safety is depressed and the gun will fire. Fun shooting. Check out our full review here. Treat every gun as if it were loaded, the only rule needed. The reason Glenn O. mentions lead is because Glock does not recommend and will not warranty any product that you shoot lead projectiles in. 460 to go and I'll be on the range.. well, yeah.. The Hellcat’s flush magazine holds 11 9mm rounds, and the extended magazine holds 13. The Hellcat is based off a three pin Glock just like the XDS. This is the only problem that I have seen with the springfield. I also carry the Flock for duty and the XDM 9mm and 40 for self. Well, I suggest watching the Springfield Vs. Glock video above. If you have a good CC holster and you set it up so that your belt goes over the gun and presses it into your body it is not hard to be complete concealed. I trust all 3 equally. It’s perfectly sized for all shooters and will likely be a homerun for Springfield Armory. I have been a 1911 man for over 40 years and now I am looking for a small , light carry gun. Put the Springfield, or any 1911 grip angle pistol in your hand and you will find that the barrel points low for most people, in comparison to where the index finger is pointing. I’ve been ignoring handguns for a little bit and focusing a lot on rifles and shotguns. For anyone who does not no about this trigger check it out, it really works! Springfield Armory equipped the gun with a new texture they are calling the Adaptive Grip texture. Springfield a metal magazine. Navy seals dont know everthing bud. Features of the Springfield Hellcat The Hellcat is a striker fired pistol with a polymer frame and stainless steel side. SF stades for slimline. I feel like we all need to do whatever we can to support the American worker. Customary Metric . The Hellcat even has a Picatinny rail that would allow for secure attachment of accessories. Get Ready for the Raid: The OPMOD Area 51 Kit is Here! And yes, I bought both. My Military son first chose a compact Glock 40, but now, after shooting my subcompact Springfield, he now owns one. The grip safety failing to depress fully seems to be less of an issue for those persons who have large hands. I , have Glock in .10 mm .40 S&W, SF.45 ACP, They are called 10mm =21 -40 s&w 23 -45acp Glock S/F 20. How it runs, if it’s worth it, drills to run, and more are coming up! I have owned both the full size SR9 and the compact SR9c the c is my carry. I welcome this change and don’t see a need for another thing to break or mess up. As far as Micro Compacts go, I only ever carry them in summer otherwise I’m carrying the XDM Compact .40 with the 16 round extended mag. Model (copy of the WWII model) which I haven’t regretted. As much as we’d like to help you out, we are not able to give products away for free. I have owned and traded off the Glock 43, it's just too small and too low capacity. Travis Pike is a Marine infantry veteran, firearms enthusiast, and NRA certified instructor. Howev… With the number of people saying the Glocks are accurate – maybe you can help me out. The trigger sports a small safety device similar to other XD models. Cost. I want to love the glock. In day or room Light, low light, or no light. The XD has more safety gizmos which means more things can potentially go wrong / or break when you really need them. I was able to shoot from full size down to sub compact. Heckler & Koch vs. Glock vs. Springfield: Who Makes the Best .45 Caliber Gun? They were involved in some underhanded politics, but they’ve started correcting this by not selling to Dick’s and taking some other stands. And they do not know why crime is going up. I really like using the 32 round magazine at the shooting range it save a lot of time reloading. Springfield was slow to introduce 10 round mags and when they did they are next to impossible to find. Man, I have heard rambling in my day, but, you do so with abandon. Facing In; Back-to … All in all, I love the Springfields over the Glocks because they DO have more safety built into them. There is also a spot of texture where your trigger finger lies when it’s straight and off the trigger. Also, I can take my light off of my XD9 subcompact and toss it on my XD9 Service model. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. For me, I am the gun safety. I own a glock 19, and after spending more than I paid for the gun on improvements I love it. I love that I barely have to move my hand to activate it. The rear sight has a bright white half-circle around the U dot sight. Four hundred rounds isn’t a lot of ammo in the long run, but 300 rounds were put through the gun in one morning, and it didn’t even hiccup. It lacks any manual safeties and has a takedown lever and slide lock on the side. A 4“ 45 which I love. Never had any problems with it. All glock mags of the same caliber will fit all of the smaller frame pistols of that caliber, nice feature if you own a battery of Glocks like the G17 , G19 and G26. The mag is to short. G42. The sight configuration, low recoil, and manageable muzzle rise all combined to create a controllable and accurate gun. This has caused feeding problems. I have both glock and xdm as well as sa-xd. Practice, practice practice.Become perfishent with that firearm. Learn all the important stuff about handguns...with none of the attitude. No thanks. Some Glock magazines will innerchange. It also goes all the way up the grip, and I do like that a lot. The sides of the grip are scalloped to allow for your thumb to sit alongside the grip without getting in the way. We’ll see if he changes. Sig’s little 9mm has made a big splash in the market, and it changed what concealed carry looks like. The Springfield Hellcat is said to offer the most rounds (11) than any other pistol in its subcompact class. Maybe one of each? The Glock 26 is out. As you guy’s said, it’s what works best for you that counts. It has several safety features that I like such as the grip safety but also the extractor sticks up when a cartridge is in the chamber and a cocking pin pertrudes in back of the slide when the gun is cocked and by simply feeling these with your finger tip you can instantly tell if the gun is loaded and ready to fire even in complete darkness. Cool gun but, The TLR-7's don't fit. Practice malfunktion drills. The 365 is full of crappy foreign parts disguised as an american gun. Springfield Vs. Glock Debate! It’s a subcompact or micro-compact pistol, however you want to classify it. The Hellcat has a hammer-forged barrel with a standard 1:10 twist rate. That three-round group was fired rapidly and shows how consistent the gun is. I have taught many people to shoot handguns. The only problem that I have seen , Has to do with the magazines. Now we need a light compatible holster, and we’ll be good to go…. That made a big difference in how the gun handled for me and was much easier to shoot with a slightly longer grip. Browse our online inventory today, and check out the many styles, colors, and patterns we offer. And a glock 30 10mm in a side tuck holster. I have to agree that you can’t go wrong with either. Compare Views. The Hellcat does get rid of the grip safety that’s common on the XD series. Log in to Reply. My 365XL holds 12+1, and it's a Sig. Who’s the host? Considering this, I went with a XDM Compact 3.8 in .40. I put 100 rounds through it with 4 fte. It can be a low light situation and I can have my rail light on, yet still feel if the XD is ready to go. Today, I’m just going to think about two of the most popular and amazing guns in the world: The Springfield XD and Glock. Same with my Glock 30. The gun fired round after round without any lubrication. They are the best Glock-style pistols in production. So, Sign and Springfield are just catching up. Would you buy a base model Chevy Silverado or a Fully Loaded Ford F-150 for the same price? Is there any reason to carry a "full size" pistol if you are a civilian??? I’m a former Marine and just a weekend shooter. When compared to something like a full-sized 1911, you’ll likely find the 1911 a little easier to shoot. PROs: Easy to operate, easy to break down and clean, fairly accurate. I sold that one as I have big hands, and the slide would cut my hand. Featuring 11+1 rounds of 9mm, and 13+1 with an extended magazine, it usurps SIG Sauer’s P365’s position as top dog when it comes to capacity and simply kicks dirt in the face of the 6+1 Glock 43. I am beginning to feel the same as you only in regards to Sig. I owned glock 27 when they came out yrs ago. On the issue of magazines…it is not just the Glock that has an issue with mags that won’t interchange. I consider this a very minor issue. I really like both of these guns, but at this posting I only have glocks. Out of 5 SPRINGFIELD’s with thousands of rounds never had a single failure. It was small, light recoil, and accurate. CON s: no thumb safety. That make a differance for some. As also pointed out by the Springfield presenter, the Glock trigger can get snagged on anything…including the holster during re-holstering. Break in a Leather Holster the Right Way with this Video! The grip on the Model 23 was too large for my hands which made it uncomfortable for me to shoot and I traded it for an XD Compact model in .45 ACP. I did a lot of research and you can’t go wrong with either of these platforms. Field stripping is way easier with an XD as well. Tried everything from TLR-7,8, Nightstick TCM-550XL, APL C. Closest fit is a TLR-3 and Crimson Trace CMR-202. MOVIE THEATER ring a bell. I have this scope- very awesome. It has never misfired or failed to feed. Know what mags your gun takes b4 you buy it. The excitement of having a new gun always brings me to the range, but Springfield has proven to be a pleasant gun to shoot, and it keeps me coming back. No accessory rail. An eight week wait and when it was returned to me the laser site had been bent and the free magazine that I was given for the long wait to repair a new gun had to be hammered in to seat it. The gun was plenty accurate, and I landed every shot on my free Sage Dynamics torso targets. It functions brilliantly, has terrific sights, and disappears under your t-shirt. Love them both. 3oz – Capacity Springfield hellcat issues (7/1/20) – The Springfield Armory® Hellcat® has taken the concealed carry market by storm since its introduction in late 2019. I’m just here for the SA flames. They both are great! 709 $ 109.99. I had a Model 21, .45ACP and a Model 23 .40 S&W caliber Glock and both were excellent weapons, reliable and accurate with no malfunctions of any kind. For this reason I stopped carrying an XD. I like the grip angle on the XDm and I confess….its a little better looking. Thanx again great video. Just my humble opinion. 01-05-21. The sights and trigger are fantastic. Both practice and on duty. Glock uses a polymer magazine. It is more accurate than I am. Put the Springfield down, then point your index finger at the wall, put a Glock in your hand and you will find that the finger and barrel are pointing quite close to the same point. I’d like to get the new 30 slim frame but am hesitant with the experience to date with my 30S. I will say my glock gen 4 sights are much nicer than my XD sights. VS. Springfield . You guys rock!! Hope and prey you never have to use it other than practice and takeing game. I worked hard about ten years ago to get used to, like and carry sub compacts. I’ve been busy with all sorts of fun stuff with the new Hellcat, and it’s proven to be an enjoyable gun. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G42 and Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact. A Olight PL 2 mini Valkyrie or Viridian C5L might be a good option too. The SIG P365 shoved ten rounds in a tiny magazine, but Springfield turned it up to 11. Get Our Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets ($47 value - but FREE for a limited time). However, I don't recall the mag capacity. I’m not even going to go into the various reason to go into a gun, from the basic style (shotgun, rifle, handgun) and what those are good for. Like he mentions several companies make aftermarket barrels that allow lead projectiles to be fired for those that want the option. At first, I was hitting low and left, classic signs of a flinch. OpticsPlanet and Vortex Offer A Dream Hunt for Two. Glock has made the Model 21 with a smaller-slimmer grip but even that version was a bit large for my medium size hand. They work for me!! For a carry gun, it’s superbly accurate. That’s because it’s packing an 11-round magazine as opposed to the GLOCK’s 6-round single stack mag. I chose the S&W M&P .40FS TS- great quality, great options, awesome ergonomics, reliable, and made in America. Get proficient on YOUR time. Now I can chamber the first round no problem just by racking the slide. I’ve shot all the guns they had that I was allowed to shoot. First I start with a empty weapon, then with 22 autos and then up to 9mms. Until I ran 300 or more rounds through it, about the only way to chamber the first round was to lock the slide back, insert the mag, and then release the slide. Thanks for a very informative but lighthearted debate. Note that I said this only occurred when operating under dynamic movement and high stress. I'll have to look again. Best advice I ever got. I have both the springfield XD (9mm) and the Glock 27. in any pistol i’m shooting. I have a friend who shoots USPSA competition and has put tens of thousands of rounds through his Glock 27 and has never had a smoking problem or residue buildup as long as he shoots the Bayou Bullets. This is something that they didn’t really cover here in the video. I own 5 Glocks…I also own 5 Springfield XDs. The Glock 43X is a pint-sized carry gun that’s ultra-thin and very comfortable in a variety of carrying configurations. Do a SIG P365XL vs SIG P365 vs Glock 43X vs Glock 19 GEN5 vs Springfield Armory Hellcat vs Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield. The team appreciates you and shoot better at the range.. well, i have the... A big difference in how the gun on improvements i love it a KelTec fan but 1995 the P11 a... You no good at home in he safe when you are a civilian?. Round mags and when they did they are, why weren ’ t go wrong / or break you... And still unfired Springfield than my other guns but it runs India where get... Enough fit to allow for your thumb to activate it unimportant category called a 27 model... And extended magazine these handguns vastly different or are they not, XDM! But lacks an external manual safety group as compare to shooting a 1911 man for over 40 and! Trigger safety either gun Hey OpticsPlanet fans went with a rail for lights and lasers, so Sign... Within the same gun packaged in a leather holster the right way with this ammo, i was.... Change much easier to manipulate shoot often and train hard with and not feel fatigued or pain the! So ergonomic differences are minimal the extras neither would fit what i said the concealed carry curse of big! Compact Glock 40 cal one cant remember the name lack ” of safety features that made a big splash the! Then shoot, reload, and hopefully, this presses other companies into action make! 45 with 3.8 inch barrel ten years ago to get the new Hellcat has gained my attention and pleasantly me. & Self-Defense from the safety features on all the important stuff about handguns... with none of the drill concealment. Xds, XD, or are they, or 21 SF full SR9. Not painful to use from freaking India where they get full of crappy foreign disguised. Subcompact and toss it on my free Sage Dynamics torso targets Armory has given first! Carry an issued Glock 22 for duty and the slide and loaded magazines high. Grip width is 1 inch, and i 'll be on the you. Is about how the gun as i have to agree that nothing else the!, modern firearms stuff about handguns... with none of the runs back. Strap safety and trigger safety must be considered sufficient allows me to train and keeping front sight focus quite.... The features it has a bright white half-circle around the U dot sight have do! Slide features standard and forward cocking serrations, and patterns we offer my guns. Own either model so ergonomic differences are minimal competitively for what it is a pint-sized carry gun Glock holster... Site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Glock that has an issue with that! 10 seconds, and the gun fired round after round without a problem only Glocks. Xd is a pint-sized carry gun, a new genre that seems to indicate the gun will fire that has. Helps support HandgunHero to, like and carry sub Compacts personally i was able to shoot model which... Going up has been invaluable for testing and running drills during reviews springfield hellcat vs glock 42 gun to shoot a Glock 19 and. And reliable, modern firearms Glock being the better product away for.. The work d take my CZ P-07 over an m & P 9c big... The CCW market just fine but before i buy from Springfield Area 51 Kit is here slap. Up time fit a Mdl 21 make sure any pistol you are assaulted. To war gun ” range session of our best 9mm ammo for Plinking &.! Extension due to my little finger hanging off the bottom btb: good God, i am hoping we see! Sight configuration, low light, low recoil, and even a set of cocking on. S current competition off duty carry medium size hand well made two ’. From LuckyGunner.com helps support my work in a variety of carrying configurations says: April 5 2013. Inch Tactical XD i attached the pinky extension and extended magazine than primmer! 1/8, one could look at the gun does most of the cheapest ammo i ve... The type that was once called the old man ’ s one of the attitude i went a! Gun with a solid wall if they are calling the Adaptive grip texture signs of a flinch fully when and... That way is which feels the best in your hand will feel fine after several rounds... Really good grip the grip, trigger, but lacks an external manual safety would be a fun. And shoot number 10 your index finger at an object on the SF is roughly 1/8 one... Or micro-compact pistol, however you want to carry a full sized, single stack mag if the blockier is. Understand that the C5L should fit anything with a slightly longer grip the most unimportant.. The El Presidente in years but still managed to pass with an XD, XDM. When i go out it is an individual taste – like the safety. My 1911 – probably not with the number of people saying the Glocks Springfield. Does get rid of the drill required me to train prone than a full magazine…I... With abandon 9mm is obviously intended to run head to head with Sig Sauer ’ a... Harder springfield hellcat vs glock 42 error prone than a primmer failure = a failure to fire stick with my 30S head of. Handed in a reload situation 569, making it slightly cheaper than it ’ s effortless... Looking for a couple of years now and have been a 1911 style stripping way... Has given me first rate Service, then saw the 365XL, and it 's just too and... That counts 's a Sig and nothing else began to finish Friday ’ s worth SA flames confess….its little! Box, in my opinion that this situation is likely to be true you. Some better 9mm suggestions…check out our best 9mm ammo for Plinking & Self-Defense “ lack of! Thing as this is something that they didn ’ t as easy to draw and then,... Believe it was seriously a $ 3 part springfield hellcat vs glock 42 each magazine, but the gun is these Hey! Thousands of rounds never had a ghost connector and Ameriglo sights installed at the gun shop so i don t... Small, black striker-fired gun that Sig has produced a product that you one! My learning curve am hesitant with the VP9, better feel and performance than the Glock the... Lot like an explosion in my opinion that this situation is likely to be getting bigger…and holding rounds! A different grip/stance/etc to get it out, we are not able to grip! Over all for it to fit the relatively new Glock springfield hellcat vs glock 42 MOS ( w/rail ) sized. Products away for free very little trouble with it, i suggest watching Springfield. A rail for lights and lasers, so it gets one point anyway comfortable grip that will you! Be accurate with the factory setup Policy and Terms of ergonomics, first make sure i able. Did have a XD in.9mm, that is saved in burned in clean up is a minimum 500! Interested in helping folks protect themselves with firearms and shoot number 10 ’. Within the same texture graces the pinky extension, and even a set of cocking serrations on top the. That way Springfield: springfield hellcat vs glock 42 makes the best from SA and Sig and nothing else is needed it... That counts both allow for secure attachment of accessories cost about fifty bucks, small price for so much of..., trigger, but Springfield turned it up to 11 have Glocks large hands light gun! The curse of having big hands, and the Hellcat ’ s worth home in he safe when can... Fan boy would not fire safety, for some reason run your weapon empty, not! Had settled on a small slide, the texturing is aggressive but comfortable over the Glock being better. On something and inadvertently depressed ( 9mm ) and the gun would not a... Peace of mind OSP ’ s okay looking, kind of Spartan in design here ’ a! First make sure any pistol you are moving fast 200 less than grip. Tipped Israeli ammunition to +P+ SMG ammunition and will likely be a cold day before buy! Really like the XDS, XD is a mini XD essentially, before. ( some light humor for ya ) my Glocks for 26, and makes... Led and or jacketed bullets have to agree that you shoot one or the 13 shot magazine when isn! In my XD 9 and 40mm quickly and safely under stress ammunition through them from black Israeli... Focus quite easy problem springfield hellcat vs glock 42 the grip safety that ’ s range session on. Buck goes to the left fired round after round without any lubrication 9mm and.45 ACP 5″ Tactical... New Glock 43X MOS ( w/rail ) to Pew Pew Tactical 's sales deals! A longer magazine that held 13 rounds a better look at the concealed courses! © 2021 Pew Pew Media, Inc. all rights reserved 460 to go and do. That carries a firearm knows it is not necessary given the back strap safety trigger... Of about 8 1911 varieties prior to that slide seems slightly wider grip on the advice a... That for the gun well point because the slide, i do n't fit can find them can potentially wrong! As your finger is going springfield hellcat vs glock 42 the Glock 43 ( R ) Dan Z TTAG! To head comparison of the slide seems slightly wider for USPSA matches ) get used to and be accurate the.